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Georgetown Pioneer & GeorgiaSlide Cemetery Update Info Site


Sections 5 & 6 are open for plot sales, the fence, walkway and stairs are in. We have the piping and are getting close to getting the sprinkler system installed for the new area. A driveway and landscape trees have been budgeted for this year.

Just to let you know!!
Open & Closing cost to increase! (see About Page)There are new guidlines on plots and coping in area 5 and 6.

If you have noticed the wooden stakes around the old section of Pioneer Cemetery, they are marking unknown grave sites and we are going to replace them with stone markers.

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Please contact us for information on Georgetown Pioneer and GeorgiaSlide Cemetery and bookmark this site for update information on the Cemeteries.

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The link below will take you to the main web page for the Georgetown Zone of Benefit site for the Pioneer and Georgia Slide Cemetery, which has additional pictures and information.
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If you want to purchase a plot or need further information on Georgetown Pioneer & GeorgiaSlide Cemetery, Please contact:[Bonnie Wurm ]@ (530)621-6540  Eldorado County General Services.
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