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This page will be for more detail on things going on :
Open and closing costs
The County has contracted a privite source for Open & Closing of graves. The result of this contract is that the cost of this service is going to 950.00 dollars. Also there are new rules going into effect on who can be buired in the plots. Talk to Karen Wilson for details and also for purchasing a plot. Call 530-621-6540

Info on relatives at Cemetery.
Use the phone number (530-333-1510) for Larry or the web site contact e-mail for info on locating relatives at the cemetery and request a photo of the grave site for your records or family tree by e-mail.



Burial plots are available for purchase at the Georgia Slide Cemetery and in two new sections of the Georgetown Pioneer Cemetery. The price for full-size plots is $(250) , cremains plots are $(100) A one-time Endowment Care fee of $(200) (full-size plot) or $(100)(cremains plot) is also collected at the time of purchase. For residents living outside the Georgetown Cemetery Zone of Benefit, there is also a Non-resident Fee of $(400) .

Double-depth graves are allowed at both sites and arrangements can be made to utilize a full-size plot for up to six cremains interments. For further information call Larry Anderson at 333-1510 or for information and to purchase plots, please call Karen Wilson, County Cemetery
Administration, at 621-6540.

Call Larry or use E-Mail contact to Volunteer Help and for Community Service at Cemetery!